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Milt Sparks - Glock 43 Versa Max 2

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    Milt Sparks - Glock 43 Versa Max 2


    Often copied, but rarely equaled, the inside-the-waistband model Versa Max 2, or model VM-2is a classic, Milt Sparks Holsters, original design concept.

    Some key features include:

    • A full metal reinforced mouth-band to aid in safe one-handed holstering of your sidearm.
    • Widely spread, non-pivoting, offset belt loops to ensure that the butt of the gun will not shift even during the most rigorous of activity. Offset belt loops also provide for a thinner holster profile (less bulge) by virtue of the loops being off to the sides of the main body of the holster and not stacked on top of the gun.
    • The forward belt loop is mounted to a floating tab, which is slotted from the main body of the holster to allow the mount to flex as needed to better conform to individual body shapes.
    • Designed to be free of any exposed metal hardware on the body side of the holster that could come into contact with the users’ skin.
    • Horsehide construction on the body side of all VM-2’s (even on our cowhide model), which adds a little extra water-repellency where it is most needed.
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    1. As Good As It Gets

      Zero break-in, instant comfort, absolute stability, easy draw and re-holster. I have the SS2 for my G19 and love it but now that I've had a week with the VM2 for my G43 I want another one for the G19.

      As usual with a new pistol, I tried several kydex holsters from 2 different manufacturers. Should have ordered the VM2 and skipped the others.
      on 21st Mar 2018

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