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HAWKTECH - 22/45 Ejector Basepad

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    HAWKTECH - 22/45 Ejector Basepad


    These Base pads are for the Ruger 22/45 only. when the magazine is seated, onlce the magazine release button is pressed the magazine will eject out from the firearm eliminating the hassle of picking an empty magazine out with your finger. This basepad also gices you more surfice area to grasp.

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    1. Freakin awesome

      The base bass on the Ruger mk3 22-45 SUCK from the factory these new base pads are worth a million bucks I bought 6 of them one for each mag we shoot compitition and trying to use your fingernails to dig at the little crack where the mag seats is a CLOCK KILLER these new base pads sink down so you can slam them in and when you hit the mag release button that mag is gone it flys out opening the mag entry hole for your next reload which if you shoot competition or just range plinking you want it to be a pleasant experience for all exspecially for the young ones def recommend this product installation takes less than a minute per magazine and Stevey Wonder could do it I will not own another mag without this add on ever again wish they made something for the old regular ruger mk1,2,and3 regular Ruger mags I would buy 20 of them for the 20 mags I have for the other 2 guns on 20th Nov 2017

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